pilgrimage SOLC23 #10

We are traveling I-65 South today, from Nashville, into Alabama, through bumpy Birmingham (those roads!), south of Montgomery. Then off the interstate through Georgiana, Andalusia, Florala, DeFuniak Springs.

Our destination? The BEACH!

I started coming this direction as a child with my parents. They and my grandparents were mostly interesting in deep sea fishing back then. My mother always packed lunch for the road (I remember cheese and miracle whip sandwiches on white bread with the crusts cut off. Wrapped in waxed paper of course. Eaten on concrete picnic tables at a roadside stop.)

As a teenager I could choose a friend to come along. We would sit in the back seat listening to my father and grandfather argue about directions, especially through Birmingham, as the interstate was being constructed back then (those roads again)!

These days the trip is as fast as it has ever been, except for the TRAFFIC. We are fortunate that we can make some choices about when we travel, to try to avoid the crowd. Last summer, however, we didn’t choose wisely, and our 7 1/2 hour trip lasted 10 hours. No wrecks, no construction hold-ups, just VOLUME.

It is smooth sailing today. And the destination is always worth the drive. We are looking forward to a few days at the beach!

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