joy SOLC23 #11

When we moved into our new/old house, we made the break from cable to streaming.

We are also trying to stream our music, although there are some CD’s I can’t get rid of. I even have some OLD cassettes I would like to convert. Chances are slim, but I keep holding on to about 12-15 of them.

Meanwhile, my husband has wirelessly connected us throughout the house, and we can enjoy favorite tunes on demand. He likes to find old classics as well as recent hits. Concert nights are fun.

One afternoon recently I was sewing on some curtains, and I needed some background music, so I chose Christian contemporary songs. Beautiful, peaceful, inspiring. I was playing them through the TV that day, and when my husband came in we both watched the video for one song that left us both in tears. What a blessing we received.

Another day after that I turned on the TV and found the volume set quite LOUD. I asked my husband if he had been listening to his music, and he replied that his choice that day had been Christian music, again. And he played this one for me:

“There’s joy in the house of the Lord, there’s joy in the house of the Lord today, and we won’t be quiet. We shout out His praise!”


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