where’s waldo

Here’s the cover of the yearbook from our senior year in college. That’s quite a crowd for a football game at our Alma Mater, not known for talented teams or loyal fans.

Somewhere in this group are my husband and me, just dating at the time.  I have looked and searched but can’t quite spot us.  Yet.  I’ll keep looking.

What is odd is that, in my examination, I found so many people that I remembered.  I might not recognize them today, forty years later. But names that haven’t crossed my mind in YEARS came into my thoughts. Connections and memories were vivid.

Perhaps it is true that our minds are like filing cabinets – or computer files – and that they are full of an amazing amount of information.  It is just sometimes hard (or impossible?) to find the right folder when you are looking for it.

But I’m determined to find our faces in this crowd.

… seek and you will find…    Matthew 7:7


the morning’s remains

of air heavy with moisture

blanketing the ground

what tales could be told

of nighttime’s activities

unseen in the mist

… but mist came up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground. Genesis 2:6


birthday girl

Who knew?

Oh, friends did tell me that grandchildren are the most wonderful joys.  And I believed them.

But I never really longed for a grandchild. I just thought, “When the time comes, that will be fine.”

And then the time came.

And things have NEVER been the same.

Wonderful joy indeed. We are so profoundly thankful.

Our first grandchild, sweet Madison, captured our hearts from the beginning –

  • her trusting innocence,
  • her beautiful smile,
  • her loving heart,
  • her bubbly giggles,
  • her inquisitive mind,
  • her old soul,
  • her sparkling joy.

Madison is four years old today! (How can time go so fast?)

We love you, precious one!

Your love has given me great joy and encouragement…  Philemon 1:7



making things work

Our family is blessed to live in a wonderful town that mixes an appreciation for its history with a vision for future possibilities.

Franklin, Tennessee’s downtown area is known for being a model Main Street that has preserved its past well.

Yet we also have a regional mall, countless thriving businesses, and several corporate headquarters.

And there are still many areas that retain their rural roots, even close to town.

So it is no wonder that our county is one of the fastest growing places in the country.  Everyone wants to live in a place like this!

Today I had a glimpse of another part of Franklin. A very good part. I had to take my car in for some repairs, and as I traveled to the body shop right after dawn this the morning, I saw evidence of what keeps this city going.  Traveling down those back streets I saw the real pulse of this place – a  wide variety of shops and warehouses that provide services for residential and commercial users. People up and going early, preparing for a busy day. Ready to do what needs to be done to make sure things are functioning as they should. And also making progress towards the future.

I remain so thankful that they are here, and working hard at making things perform as they should. But sadly, many of these employees can’t afford to live here. This amazing community has priced them right out of the housing market. What a shame.

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you… Matthew 7:12



Our home is undergoing a renovation. It is getting an expanded kitchen, open doorways, a bigger bath, sturdier stair rails, darker finish on the floors, lighter paint, an open deck, updated lighting, an upstairs laundry room, and some new furnishings.

A new, fresh look for a place we hold dear.

Right now we continue to clean layers of drywall and sanded floor dust as we wait for completion.  The new floors are covered with RAMboard to prevent scratches as the work continues.  So it is hard to get a feel for the final “look” because all the areas and pieces haven’t been shown together yet.  Ugh.  I am ready to see it all complete and use those spaces again.

And underneath it all, new beauty is there. Waiting to be uncovered.


This month I am attempting to write every day. I am searching for inspiration, truth, loveliness, insight, memories, connections, humor, tenderness, relevance, and just the right words.

A return to capturing the meaningfulness of this life I have been given.

Right now my thoughts are clouded with dust, delays, broken pieces, overloaded electrical breakers, decisions about paint colors, unfinished HVAC work, the wrong mortar color on bricking, and a clouded view of a finish date. Ugh.  I am ready to look beyond myself and my house.

And underneath it all, new words are there.  Waiting to be written.

 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face:         now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.         I Corinthians 13:12


My precious Aunt Rosie turns 95 today.  She is my mother’s sister, and like a mother to me since my mom died 15 years ago.

Rosalie Lankford Beck is a dedicated mother, grandmother to two, and great grandmother to 5 (soon to be 6).  She’s an excellent seamstress, a talented cook, a crocheter, a cross-stitcher, a gardener, a reader, a loyal friend, and a treasure to us all.

My daughter chose to name her first child, our first grandchild, after Aunt Rosie. She turns four next week.

Madison Rosalie Hart is a dancer, a dreamer, an artist, and a tenderhearted soul. She is a little princess, a hugger, a curious questioner, a sprite, a beauty, a dog lover, and pure joy to our family.

Thank you, Lord, for these two precious Rosalies in my life.

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you. Philippians 1:3



The presence of ability

is evident from the very beginning,

and resonates far beyond the completion.


It’s in each inspiration,

each choice,

each effort,

each detail.


The lack shows in every shortcut,

every mistake,

every disconnect,

every disappointment.


Quality is born

of dedication and passion,

motivation and discipline.


Expertise is quiet, and solid,

long lasting, and true.


Craftsmanship is proud and competent,

the essence of a job well done.


His master replied, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”  Matthew 25:21