due west, part 5

This story of our daughter and son-in-law’s search for the perfect house has a happily ever after ending. Beth and Jamie’s persistence, prayers, and positive outlook were rewarded with a new home for their family. And it all came about with God’s blessing, as only He could have worked out the details in such an ideal way.

Beth and Jamie loved the house inside and out. It was in a great location, it provided the space they were looking for, and it needed to be brought into the present day – which would allow Beth and Jamie to put their own style into it as they remodeled.

Laurie was thrilled to have someone buy the house that would update it, take care of it, and make it a real home. The timing worked out well for her to have the weeks she needed to clean out her parents belongings. It gave her the opportunity to recall many memories of the love her family shared together there.

So the deal was made and the work began. After a few months of living with us as the remodeling was completed, Beth and Jamie moved into their new home on September 7. Just in time. Because on September 19 they welcomed a new member of the family when their little daughter Madison was born.

God is so good!