There is such an incredible difference in people between the times that they are filled with discouragement and the times they can see a light at the end of the tunnel shining just for them.

The difference is called hope.

Deflation, discouragement, and despair show in lowered eyes, sagging shoulders, and somber speech.

Energy, excitement, and expectancy radiate in smiles, attention to details, and joyful interactions.

I saw that difference manifested today, in a sweet soul who moved from darkness to light, from failure to belief –

from hopelessness to hope.

Hallelujah! God is so good!

standing out

Ahh, the color of summer!  Over, under, and all around. Lawns blend into foliage into bushes into trees to make a solid canopy of green. 

How things change when fall comes! A sapling you may not have noticed becomes flaming orange – and suddenly sets itself apart. 

The tips – and then the whole – of a burning bush lights up fiery red. 

A small tree shouts, “Look at me!” with bright yellow leaves, after a summer of merely filling in the space. 

Even the shades of tan and chestnut brown distinguish themselves this time of year. 

Yesterday my daughter posted this on Instagram:  “It’s a dreary, rainy Monday, but beautiful, glorious fall has arrived outside the family room window.”

Stand up and take notice!  True colors are shining through!

What happens to make each individual one of these trees become so much more than “one of the masses”? 

Is it the summer of growth experiences, the challenge of colder weather, the encouragement of the warm sun?

What makes each one of us as individuals step out and shine with our own special glow? 

Is it our own growth experiences, our challenges, and warm encouragement from others?

That could well be. We all need the chance to show the world our true selves. 

I see God’s hand in all of these wonders as well. 


Burgers are all the rage these days. Nashville has oodles of burger joints  – Burger Up, The Pharmacy, Burger Republic, and Rotiers to name just a few. 

Pucketts Grocery in Franklin has a fabulous burger, with a special creation featured each month. The pimento cheese burger is always popular. 

Along with cheese (so many kinds!), there are endless condiments for burgers. The traditional fare  is always good when you get to pick what you like best – mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, onion, and/or pickles.  Bacon, mushrooms, and avocado are commonly offered, too. 

I am a Five Guys fan. I also love Krystal burgers. Most people would say I am not picky – and I would have to agree! But I do know a good burger when I taste one. 

Tonight we had a delicious dinner. We are working on the house at the lake and the local marina has some mighty fine burgers. Comparable to the latest gourmet version any day. 



I am cleaning out my Christmas decorations. I have offered the things I don’t want to my children. They don’t want some of them either. So off to Goodwill they will go!

These things were becoming a burden, and I dreaded getting them out every year. For the past five seasons I decided to “pick and choose” and only used certain things each holiday. But it was time to purge.

There are certain heirlooms I can’t part with, of course. And now I will look forward to decorating with them each year! Plus I hope to go with a more natural look, with real greenery where possible.

I do wish I had some of these vintage ornaments. I saw this picture not long ago of the hand-blown glass globes like my mother had. I wouldn’t part with them for sure. How beautiful they are!

vintage Christmas ornaments

pumpkin / punkin


P    plump and bumpy

U    ubiquitous this time of year

M   mushy on the inside with a sturdy shell

P    pleasing flavors in coffee and muffins

K    kids love to carve faces with snaggle-toothed smiles

I     incandescent glow when candlelit from within

N   now available in a rainbow of colors


P    precious little granddaughter

U   unbelievable how much she has already grown

N   Nan and Pops love her so very much

K   kisses and hugs with her are the best

I    independent, intelligent, inquisitive

N   never knew how much we would love her snaggle-toothed smile


When I left home yesterday morning, I really didn’t think that it would be after 9:00 last night when I was home again and uncommitted with my time. But it was. And I am not complaining.

I had time for a meeting of a community service group, time with my daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, time to take a home tour and get inspiring ideas, and time to begin the weekend together with our little granddaughter. Plus time for a delicious dinner.

The one thing I neglected to take time for (I FORGOT!!) was my writing. It was just a commitment to myself to write each day for the month of October, and truthfully I had gotten a little self-satisfied and proud that I was doing so well.


I missed a day. I’ll post twice today. And all will be well. And even though I was too involved yesterday to remember my promise to myself to write each day, I gained lots of activities and experiences yesterday to write about! That’s part of the writing process, too, I believe.