essence SOLC23 #9

We are bombarded with words these days.

Spoken words (and I am not an auditory learner), written words, sung words, poetic words, explanatory words, inciting words, factual words, rambling words, even artistically illustrated words.

I have believed in the power of words all my life and cherished the beauty of them.

But sometimes it is overwhelming.

As a reader I find myself skimming all too often these days. Trying to get the gist in a nutshell. Not always an easy task.

As a writer I am trying to use words wisely. I am a rambler, so this is hard. It takes more time and more thought to choose only the appropriate and necessary words. But I continue to work on it, because I believe it is important.

Just as a quiet person adds meaning to the words they do speak by the silence that surrounds them, I want my written words to be the exact right words to call understanding and appreciation into being.

I am trying to find the essence of meaning as I write. It is a work in progress for sure.

2 thoughts on “essence SOLC23 #9

  1. Work in progress for most of us. You’re doing good!

  2. Thanks for this. I just started creating a lesson for my students called “The Power of Our Words.” Your post reminds me just how powerful they are, no matter how we choose them. ❤

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