in control SOLC23 #8

Everyone wants to be in control these days.

We find ourselves in an interesting world, I think. It seems that control is a big thing – always has been I guess, but it seems more prevalent and open these days. And the things people and entities do to assert that control can be alarming.

Meanwhile, as individuals we often feel like we have less and less control than ever.

Currently on our new refrigerator is a light that blinks when we get water from the door. There are red letters that say, “Replace Water Filter.” and also another light that reads, “8 Days Remaining.” That seems a bit threatening. Eight days until what? No water will be dispensed? The refrigerator shuts down? I guess we will find out in eight days. It will take at least that long to order and receive the proper filter, I’m sure.

Oh but there is comfort in my soul, even so. Because I know Who is truly in control, and I am learning to let go and let Him guide me through these interesting times.

One thought on “in control SOLC23 #8

  1. jaclynfre says:

    I have that refrigerator also. I have replaced the filter and it has taken suspiciously long to display that “replacement” order. hmmmmm . . .

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