solc21 #12 free speech part two

Yesterday I wrote about my ponderings over a post that had been removed from the Nextdoor website. I wondered why it had been removed, and because it had, I couldn’t read the entire post. So I asked my neighbor, and she had saved it, and she sent it to me in its entirety:

Hey, friends & neighbors who raise chickens! I am sure your hens lay the most delicious eggs ever! And you care a lot for them. However, if you live in the city limits of Franklin, you may not know something. There is something called Title 10-Animal Control, a city ordinance that says it is unlawful for any person being in charge of any animal or fowl to permit them to run at large in any unenclosed lot within the corporate limits. You are also required to have a permit from the health officer of the city of Franklin. Please be a good and considerate neighbor. It will be very much appreciated.

My neighbor had more to say:

I wish I had also saved the comments, which are also now removed. All their comments actually upset me. They all made fun of her & the situation. One saying, “A nagging neighbor would upset me more than a 2 pound chicken.” Another was a guy making fun and said he too had seen hoards of chickens around town making chaos. Then another responded to him saying he saw one with a bomber jacket on. Another said that she should talk with her neighbor instead of posting such a message. (Not knowing if she did talk to the chicken-owning neighbor first or not.)  On and on.

NO ONE wrote one thing positive or encouraging to her. They do not know (or care) that it is a daily occurrence with these chickens. They scratch up the flowers beds, get mulch on the driveway & poop in her garage!! I wonder how these commenters would feel if they had invested money for flowers, mulch, landscapers at their homes only to have it destroyed by chickens, not to mention their poop on the walkway.

I was upset by everyone’s response & was going to write something, but by this morning it was gone. I think she probably took it down herself since she was just getting blasted by people.  If it bothered me that much, I’m sure it did her. To say the least, I was very disappointed in mankind yesterday. They were very cold.

All of this answered my original questions, but now I have further thoughts.  It seems far too important for people to express their opinions these days. Things are said or written online that would never be said to someone’s face.  My husband (not a social media user at all) said that is all these forums are good for. I think he may be exactly right.

So now we still have chickens, and also ridicule and hard feelings. All of this, of course, is my opinion – possibly as unnecessary as what I am writing about. But there is a black and white reality that guides our world, whether we like it or not. The part of that reality in this case, and in many others, is called the Golden Rule.  It applies to both sides of any discussion or argument:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment so I can know what is on YOUR mind!

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