solc21 #11 free speech

I have signed up for the Nextdoor website where neighbors can communicate.  I frequently get emails linking to posts that Nextdoor thinks I would like. I guess it’s based on location, because I have never posted anything myself. Somehow they think they know me so they send me these posts. But I digress….

Yesterday I got an email suggesting this post:

Hey, friends & neighbors who raise chickens! I am sure your hens lay the most delicious eggs ever! And you care a lot for them. However, if you live in the city limits of Franklin, you may not know something. There is something called Title 10-Animal Control, a city ordinance that says it is… See more

This was posted by a neighbor of mine whose back neighbors do have chickens. Not penned up chickens, but “free range” ones, and they are often in her yard scratching up mulch and spreading it out of the planting beds. I think she is aggravated by this, as I would be, not to mention the noise and the poop these chickens also provide. But the beginning of her message starts out so nice.

So today I clicked to try to “See more” but all I found was this message:

Sorry, the post you’re looking for has been removed.

I hope she removed it herself. Otherwise, if it was “censored,” I want to know more.

2 thoughts on “solc21 #11 free speech

  1. Lisa Keeler says:

    OH- I was immediately drawn into what sounds like a brewing issue in your neighborhood. Hope it all works out. I always love the fresh eggs my chicken growing neighbor shares with me.

  2. Ameliasb says:

    a case of free curiosity !!

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