a bag like that SOLC20 #24

Some people seem to always have what they need, at just the right time.

I don’t generally fit in that category. The less I have to carry the better. Also the fewer full shelves in my closets, that’s better for my mind as well.

But sometimes it’s good to have useful things with easy access.

In an old movie, One Fine Day, two separate single parents have to unexpectedly keep their children with them as they go to work.  This doesn’t turn out well, and, interestingly, their paths cross repeatedly during the day.

So together they look for a drop-in daycare, and they find one that is having a Super Hero day. Of course, the children need costumes.

The mother pulls all they need (and more) out of her bag.  The amazed father (George Clooney) asks this well-prepared mother (Michelle Pfeiffer) “Where do you get a bag like that?”

Where, indeed.

Although I can’t remember a lot of other details about the movie, I have never forgotten that line.

Some people have absolutely no knowledge of how to pack a bag with all the things you might need. Or maybe certain other people continually gather and keep things, “just in case.”

At any rate, those bags with those contents can NOT be bought – anywhere. They must be thoughtfully assembled or accumulated – through experience and planning, and possibly with a touch of good luck.

Maybe I, too, need to work on that. You never know what the grandchildren might need.

One thought on “a bag like that SOLC20 #24

  1. […] Yesterday I wrote about having a bag that contained just what someone needed at the time. It sure came in handy. But still, I don’t like carrying around things I don’t need. […]

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