too much weight SOLC20 #25

Yesterday I wrote about having a bag that contained just what someone needed at the time. It sure came in handy. But still, I don’t like carrying around things I don’t need.

My mother was a collector and, truly, a hoarder. Because of that I tend to be more organized, more minimalist.

Last fall I was meeting friends for breakfast, and when I parked downtown to walk a block to the restaurant, there was an older lady trudging down the sidewalk near me, carrying two heavy bags and pulling a rolling cart.

“So much stuff!” I thought. I imagined that she must be going somewhere important so I asked if she needed help.

Turned out she was headed to her church – her bags were filled with books and other study materials. Way more than anyone would need in one day. She also said she makes this trip from home to church – about 6 blocks – every day.

I couldn’t let her go on alone, so I took one of the weighty bags – how did she manage all three? I walked the next two blocks with her to the church. My arm was aching by the time we got there, even a little trembly after putting the packed bag down.

Our conversation along the walk showed that she obviously wasn’t thinking clearly about some things, so I was thankful to be able to do my “good deed” and help her along the way.

I went back to the restaurant and met my friends, never planning to tell them what I had done. However, one had seen me with the lady, and asked about it, trying to give me credit for what I did. “No big deal. Just trying to help out,” I told them.

This lady carries other weights in her life besides the bags of books. I hope that church congregation, and others – maybe me when the opportunity arises –  can look out for her in days ahead.

2 thoughts on “too much weight SOLC20 #25

  1. I like how you allude to the stranger’s literal and figurative baggage. Random acts of kindness are seeds for society. May they bloom and blossom.

  2. cflathers says:

    Such a good point, we never know what baggage a person is carrying around and how we can lighten the load. Thanks for the reminder.

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