coming soon – solc 2019 #4

Thank you again to Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring the Slice of Life Challenge each March.  I am grateful for the dedication of the people who keep that blog site going. They believe that, in order to be a good writing teacher, you must first be a writer yourself. Doesn’t that make sense!

It is because of them I started this adventure in 2012. Since then I can say, “I am a writer.” Check out their site and read about their commitment, and then visit with some of the other many writers who share their work there.

I have become sporadic with my writing, much to my dismay.  Thankfully, it’s March, and Two Writing Teachers have consistently started the SOLC again! And just like that, I have started writing again.

At other times of the year, I sometimes revisit my blog and go back to read previous posts “for inspiration.”  I am always hopeful that this will get me writing again.  But life just gets in the way.  What a bad excuse!  We find the time to do the things we want to do. Always.

Anyway, as I read back through posts in previous March months, I realized that I often write about Spring. How can I not? March is that tantalizing time of year when sunshine and warmer days tease you outside and force you to notice that change is coming.  Hallelujah! Then, even on cold, COLD days like today, that promise has been whispered and you can’t get it out of your mind.

Still, I told myself that I wouldn’t write about Spring this month. At least not as much. However, it is just day 4 and I am doing it already.

I’ve been wishing for some blooms in my yard. I am hosting a breakfast tomorrow, and I had to buy flowers because mine are still dormant. While I am soaking in the sweet hyacinth scent in my dining room, I keep thinking that in a month or less I’d have some flowers of my own.

Then, as I was looking for another picture, I found this one.

Now that’s what I am talking about! These are blooms from a backyard tree in a previous year. I love everything about them!  Their pastel color, their soft fluffiness, their delicate stems, the way the petals drift slowly down when they fall. But it isn’t their time to shine yet, so I don’t have them to bring in for breakfast decor.

But I do have them to look forward to!  These beautiful flowers, and a month of writing ahead, too.

6 thoughts on “coming soon – solc 2019 #4

  1. Writing is certainly therapeutic. Enjoy your flowers and your writing.

    • It is so good to enjoy the gifts we are given and to use them as best we can. I was able to write every day in March, and now that beautiful tree is blooming in the backyard.
      Thanks for reading fireflytrails.

  2. Book Dragon says:

    I love the images you evoke of Spring in the fifth paragraph. You word choices have a visceral impact. Despite your vow not to write about Spring, again, thank you for doing so.

    • Spring’s promise is louder now, and more fulfilled. On the days that still are colder, we have visual proof that Spring can’t be denied!
      Thanks for reading fireflytrails.

  3. Alice Nine says:

    Beautiful images created by your words. I think I enjoy my spring blossoms so much more because of the cold waiting during the last month of winter. Happy Monday!

  4. Just like so many other things, those cold/dark/empty times help us more fully appreciate the warm/bright/full times that follow. And they always follow. I am so grateful for that!
    Thanks for reading fireflytrails.

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