sweet – solc 2019 #3

My husband and I have a favorite Mexican restaurant, and we go there almost once a week. Last Friday night we made our usual trip and looked forward to a delicious dinner.

This meal was sweetened a bit by some thoughtful friends who had given us a gift card for my husband’s retirement.  Being able to have a tasty treat for a bit less money was even better than usual.

On our last trip there we had unusually bad service, but this time we were waited on right away by a smiling fellow who made us feel at home. Sweeter still!

And then – the icing on the cake, so to speak – the sweetest part of all.  We were surprised by our daughter and her family, including her husband and their daughter and son. They had asked for the vacant table next to us so we quickly pulled them together to share our meal – as well as a good visit.

The anticipation of a good meal is sweet, made even better by added sweet surprises!

2 thoughts on “sweet – solc 2019 #3

  1. So nice that you have this memory now with all the sweet parts.

  2. Yes it is a good memory! Sometimes little surprises make the sweetest remembrances.
    Thanks for reading fireflytrails.

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