what if – solc 2019 #5

This monochrome photo of a path behind our former lake house was taken several seasons ago.

The path caught my eye when the shadows were “just so” and brought it very clearly into focus. Other times of the day it might not even be noticeable.

The path veered off from a steep drive (you can see its mossy edge) that led to the water.  Although the woodland trail looks a bit level here, it quickly became a steep descent (or climb, from the other direction).

I have often wondered about this pathway. What animal(s) made it? And how often was it traveled? Obviously enough feet, paws, or hooves chose this way to carve it distinctly into the leaf-covered bank. While we often saw wildlife when we were there (and that was usually only on weekends, not every day), we never saw animals right here.

I never wished to travel this path.  It was hard enough to climb (or descend) the asphalt drive where the footing was more sure. I knew I shouldn’t try “the road less traveled.” I would stick to the known, the sure, the familiar. So it remained unexplored by me.

But in the back of my mind I have often wondered – about this path and about other adventurous choices that present themselves from time to time – what if…??

2 thoughts on “what if – solc 2019 #5

  1. What if… you’ve presented the thought well for all of us who sometimes ask ourselves.

  2. I am learning (slowly, over much time) that sometimes opportunities present themselves only once. If we pass them by, they are gone, and it is best not to dwell on that. But sometimes it can teach us to think more carefully the next time when another opportunity presents itself.
    Thanks for reading fireflytrails.

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