giving thanks #27

Daily thankfulness is good for the soul.

Right now the trees are budding out with tiny green shoots of new life and the long-awaited return of growth. Those that haven’t yet popped out are almost trembling with the promise of what’s soon to come, waiting just beneath the bark.

Trees fascinate me. They root us to the land, and they point us to the sky. Trees are so large and mighty, yet are so welcoming and inviting. Each season makes them a work of art: the bursting of new growth in the spring, the cooling canopy of shade in the summer,  the glorious riot of colors in the fall, and the sturdy design of bare branches in the winter. They shelter wildlife and nurture new plant life. They outlive many of us and yet remind us of the precarious balance of nature.


A tree is a work of art fashioned by God’s hand, each one unique and individual.  All point to us to their creator and remind us of His good gifts to earth.

I am so thankful.


3 thoughts on “giving thanks #27

  1. As I drove into work today, I noticed that one of the mighty pines that shelter the building had fallen over in the strong winds last night. Your tribute to trees seems fitting for today and made me smile.

  2. Donna Smith says:

    So I need to know how you got that beautiful picture. Is it yours and did you “shop” that cloud behind the tree to fit it so beautifully? I have a farm shot of clouds similar to that where the colors are so “black and white” with the storm and sun on them.
    Trees are another of the wonderful things to be thankful for – and I’m thankful for you and that you are pointing out all this everyday things to remember to appreciate!

    • I saved that picture a few years ago and unfortunately I don’t remember where it came from so I couldn’t give it the credit I should have. If anyone out there knows who made it I’d love to find out.

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