giving thanks #28

Daily thankfulness is good for the soul.

Chocolate is…  just.   so.   good.   It tastes yummy in cakes and pies and cookies.  It is good to drink whether it is hot or cold.  It has delicious partner flavors  that go well together with it – peanut butter, vanilla crème, cherry or raspberry, and mint. It add flavor and deliciousness to all kinds of snacks: marshmallows, rice krispies, peanuts, raisins, pretzels, and yes, even bacon.

If I had to pick one food that is my very favorite, that I couldn’t imagine never tasting again, one that makes me feel good every time I eat it, this food would be chocolate chip cookies. Preferably warm and soft, just from the oven, with melty chocolate chips. But I also like them just a bit crunchy and crumbly, too. I am really not too picky, as long as the chocolate itself is tasty. The main trouble I have with them is I just can’t stop eating them.  Oh, so good!

Chocolate chip cookies can add a bit of nurturing and love to any meal – and a smile to any day.

I am so thankful.

One thought on “giving thanks #28

  1. Donna Smith says:

    I could hardly read this without crying! ( lol!)
    I will never again have a chocolate chip cookie. Not a real one anyway. And that makes me sad! I must stay gluten free for the rest of my life and even GF cookies are a ways away while I continue on my diet. I doubt that I will ever allow myself that indulgence again. I am okay though. I’ve finished the grieving process, and am thankful for past chocolate treats!
    I love your thankfulness reflections!

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