total transformation – solsc tuesday

The road to get to our cabin at the lake is a circuitous route, taking us through small towns and communities, along the back roads past farms and wooded acres. A large portion of the road is a state highway that has bits of four-lane interspersed between winding two lane stretches over hills and through the countryside.

Over the years we have traveled this route, we have been alternately thrilled and dismayed with the fact that it is being widened to a four-lane divided thoroughfare, piece by piece. Thrilled because the bigger highway will eventually shorten our travel time, and dismayed because the roadwork has slowed our current travel time with alternate routes and miles of orange and white construction barrels that demand a slower speed.

The last two five-mile segments are under construction now. The work is fascinating, and the difference in the landscape is incredible. My husband commented that places look so changed that you hardly know where you are along the journey anymore.





This reminds me of the book, Letting Swift River Go. SO many changes in the name of progress and the greater good. So many things that used to be that are no more. Yes, I will be happy for a faster trip, but now I am a little more thoughtful of what we give up in order to move forward.

One thought on “total transformation – solsc tuesday

  1. mrssurridge says:

    When I read the beginning of your post I was excited for you, but those photos show what is given up for progress. I guess you are going to have to get ready for a new look to your journey. It appears that you have no choice.

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