one more thing about change

I have written a lot about change lately. Of course, Spring is a transformative season, and you can’t help but have your spirits lifted as the temperatures rise and life returns. This is true even for a person who is not fond of any difference in the status quo. My father always said that the only thing you could count on in life is that things would change. Yet so many years later, I still find myself leery of adjustments to the routine.

Yet I am a changed person. Just in the past year many things have happened in my life that make me no longer the same as who I once was.

  • I am retired after teaching for 34 years.
  • Our daughter and her husband had a precious little girl and I am a first-time grandmother.
  • Our son is getting married and I am soon to have a sweet new daughter-in-law.
  • I have had breast cancer and have been blessed through early detection and excellent care.
  • We are selling our cabin at the lake (hopefully to find a different one that better suits our family’s current situation).

I would like to think that I have grown a little wiser, along with older, along the way.

And I would not choose to go back to the way things were before. Not on any count. I am looking forward to see what new things come along in the next year, too. Perhaps I am learning to embrace change. Maybe that explains why I like this Brian Andreas quote so much:

When you start to crack open, don’t waste a moment gathering your old self up into something like you knew before. Let your new self splash like sunlight into every dark place & laugh & cry & make sounds you never made & thank all that is holy for the gift, because now you have no choice but to let all your love spill out into the world.

My wish is no longer to avoid change. My prayer is that God would guide my footsteps on the path of His will, and that the new me would reflect what He sees in my life.

God's plan

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