southern Sunday sittin’ – SOLSC Tuesday

visiting on the porch

sunken into soft cushions

in the white wicker chairs

on the rug covering the blue painted floor


surrounded by columns and railings of wrought iron

with the porch ferns and the ancient trees in the yard

lulled by the lazy air and full stomachs

and the suggestions from a kind and gentle soul


watching the rain blur the distant trees and then

feeling it thicken the air until we notice it falling where we are

bringing nourishment to the hydrangeas in the garden

and watering the mulch in the flower beds


discussing the upcoming wedding

and the blossoms that will decorate the tables

in the arrangements to be shaped and delivered

by talented and loving hands


imagining the arches that will welcome guests

who will come to celebrate

the marriage of our smitten son

and the precious girl who loves him so



4 thoughts on “southern Sunday sittin’ – SOLSC Tuesday

  1. Kris Shrontz says:

    I remember the anticipation of my daughter’s wedding. It was such a wonderful time of life. Your front porch looks so adorable, too. It looks quaint and peaceful.

    • I should have been more clear- this is not my porch but one that belongs to a kind soul who is doing the wedding flowers and welcomed us to her home to talk about the plans for the arrangements. We did make good decisions but more importantly it felt like we stopped time and had a good visit on a rainy spring afternoon. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. newtreemom says:

    What a lovely and happy slice! Happy wedding day to the smitten son and precious girl who loves him so.

    I love the way you wrote about the rain.

  3. I love your comment about stopping time, a wonderful timeline for enjoying special gatherings!

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