unexpected but not surprising – solsc#5

Yesterday’s list poem about our dog Maggie was so much of a spark to my thinking that I am offering two more list poems today. Even though they are short on words, they require a bigger thought process, narrowing down ideas to find just the right words.


clothes dryer


quitting in the middle of a cycle

remaining reliable for many years

leaving wet clothes to air dry

altering my schedule for the day

not surprising:

lasting for 15+ years

making squeaky, squealing noises of late

resisting all repair attempts

hastening the contemplated purchase of a new one




warmer weather the first of the week

yesterday’s rain continued unfrozen

nothing noticeable at midnight last night

weather predictions often wrong

not surprising:

snow changes activities that seemed set in stone

plans had been made for a trip to the lake

weekend party ahead for future bride and groom(?)

winter of 2015

5 thoughts on “unexpected but not surprising – solsc#5

  1. Michelle Ward says:

    I enjoyed both of your poems! It always seems to require an intensive thought process to produce words that can connect beyond the literal text! Well done!

  2. rosecappelli says:

    I enjoyed reading your poems and the juxtaposition created. Nice organization!

  3. Amanda Regan says:

    Love the unexpected/not surprising structure of your poems. I haven’t seen that done before. Thanks for sharing!

  4. jillebean87 says:

    Your poems were so creative! Great work!

  5. Pamela Hodges says:

    Your poems say so much with economy of words. Brief bold statements of fact and feeling.
    And my condolences to your loss of your dryer, and congratulations on a future bride and groom in your life.

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