still tasty after all these years – solsc #6

In giving reasons for not writing as much lately, I should have included the fact that I have been sending a lot of emails (still – merely an excuse). Today’s slice is composed of two recent emails sharing recipes. These treats have been around a long time but both resurfaced lately, so I thought I would also share them with SOLSC writers, too.

First is an email to my daughter’s mother-in-law. We were discussing the punch served at a party for my son and his fiancé last weekend. She also lives in Mississippi so we visited her after attending the bridal coffee/shower:

Hi there,

Thought I would pass along this recipe since I mentioned it last weekend.

Coffee Punch

4 c sugar

4 c hot coffee 

3 qts chocolate ice cream

3 qts vanilla ice cream

3 gallons milk

Add sugar to hot coffee, stir and let cool. Add last 3 ingredients, mix and serve. Serves 50.

Hope the weather has been kind to you all. We are melting out of this last attack – hopefully the final one for the year.

Looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks!

Love,   JeNan


My 91-year-old aunt recently had a knee replacement, and a friend brought her a meal as she is recuperating at home She described this pie to me, wondering if it were an ice cream filling, and I said, “I used to make that!”

Hey there,

I found my old recipe for the pie you mentioned. I guess I DID add coconut even though I didn’t remember it. Are you still enjoying it, one little bit at a time? It sure is rich.

Frozen Caramel Pie

2 graham cracker crusts

1 – 8 oz. cream cheese

1 medium Cool Whip

1 can coconut

1 pkg. sliced almonds

4 T. butter

1 can Eagle Brand

1 jar butterscotch (or caramel) ice cream topping

1 jar fudge ice cream topping

Melt butter, toast almonds and coconut till golden brown – 350 for 10 minutes

Mix softened cream cheese, Eagle Brand and Cool Whip. In pie shells, layer cheese mixture and almonds, and then repeat. Drizzle both toppings over pies. Keeps in freezer 2-3 weeks.

I never used the whole jar of either toping. It was nice of Carolyn to use only the caramel as she remembered you didn’t eat chocolate. I hope you are feeling better today! It sure is cold! How much snow did you all get? I’ll talk to you soon.

Love, JeNan

Both of these are delicious. Funny how we were talking about – and eating – such cold things during this winter blast!

3 thoughts on “still tasty after all these years – solsc #6

  1. Tara Smith says:

    That frozen caramel pie recipe is making my salad look very dreary!

  2. elsie says:

    Both sound fabulous! Never heard of a coffee punch, but would love to try it sometime. As for the caramel pie, I would have to eat the whole thing myself, my husband does not like caramel, but I do. Not such a bad idea. 🙂

  3. Cooking with Eagle Brand – brings back memories of always-good-stuff

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