maggs – solsc #4

I like the way Donna at Mainely Write offers some background for a lot of her poems, so I decided to follow her example and explain my thinking that led to this post. The idea for a list poem came from “Elsie” as she shared one on her blog.

I love this picture of our dog Maggie. It is a photo that was altered with the Waterlogue app. Looking into those deep brown eyes, you can see her trusting, sweet soul.

maggs waterlogue

What Maggie is NOT:

young pup

lap dog

brave soul

messy eater

vicious attacker


Who Maggie IS:

blanket of fur with feathery-haired legs

nervous pacer when ill at ease

barking announcer when visitors come

tidy roommate with good cleaning habits

gentle licker of grandbaby’s head

enthusiastic traveler on short or long trips

quiet beggar at the dinner table

faithful companion who follows from room to room

compassionate listener in good times and bad

trusting dependent with boundless love

best dog ever, just right for us

5 thoughts on “maggs – solsc #4

  1. So sweet! I bet she’s the most precious dog ever! Love how you created the photo!

  2. Just lovely but then a dog story almost always wins me over. I like what Maggs is AND isn’t! She is,also,a most loved pup!

  3. Linda Baie says:

    I love that waterlogue app, makes pics look wonderful, doesn’t it? I assume Maggie is a golden retriever, just announced last week as the most popular dog in the US. My parents had “Pattie” for a lot of years-the sweetest dog. Love the way you styled your poem!

  4. beachhousefarmhouse says:

    I love stories and poems about dogs. This one gives a clear picture of your much loved Maggs. So cute. 🙂

  5. […] had her own unique personality, but she was a perfect dog for us.  We loved her unconditionally. And she was devoted to us in […]

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