a (real good) change in routine

A weekly rendezvous –

friends sharing time at the local bakery

reviewing the week, talking shop

telling of joys and concerns.


The usual order each time –

scrambled eggs (add cheddar), oatmeal toast

a small cup of coffee in a to-go cup

always the same for me.


My friend has tried it all –

breakfast sandwiches, croissants,

sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits

– and add a sweet pastry on the side.


(These choices are good for us both –

I am always trying to eat less,

She needs to eat all she can

yet the sweet’s always offered for sharing.)


This week I broke from routine –

ordered the scone instead of the toast

raspberry filling called my name

too much goodness to resist.


Disappointment upon a close look –

blackberry filling for sure

I can’t stand all those seeds

knew I should’ve stuck with the toast.


Just a nibble for me, but wait –

the soft crumbles, the white chocolate chips

the icing to hold it together…

who cares about a few seeds?


Now one more little bite, and another,

indescribably delicious, and then

suddenly there’s almost nothing left

wishing for a few more scrumptious bites.

scone gone

Back to routine next week

the toast will be just as delicious

and the memory of other goodness

will make for another great breakfast together.

3 thoughts on “a (real good) change in routine

  1. Lisa says:

    I love your back and forth – and the wonderful, decadent description. Breakfast with a friend is great and you so brought that out in your beautiful, descriptive prose. Thank you for sharing that!

  2. I absolutely LOVE going out for breakfast! I love your description of the food. Makes me want to make a plan for the morning.

  3. elsie says:

    You had me right with you, disdaining the scone, but then savoring each morsel by the end. I love the way you went from your usual, to try something new, but returning to the usual. My husband and I are going out for breakfast tomorrow, I will think of you when I decide, the usual or something new.

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