report from the lake

It was a beautiful day today and we drove to our cabin at the lake. The forsythias greeted us there.


So did the buttercups, beneath a clear blue sky.


The porch swing beckoned us to come and sit a spell, just relax and unwind.

porch swing

But that was not why we came. There were many things we could have done and enjoyed at home, but we had no choice but to go. On Friday evening when we opened the day’s mail, we received a notice from the electric company that our power had been disconnected. Turned off 10 days earlier because our payment was” late”.

Even though we mailed it on time, just as usual.  Even though we have been reliable customers for years. Even though no one called or emailed or anything, just cut the power off. The only reason we got the letter was to say that they received our payment after stopping our service, but to have power restored we had to pay $250. Then on Saturday’s mail we received a bill for this month’s service, dated three days after the power was stopped, with no mention of the disconnection.


There’s no one in the office to speak with until Monday. Tomorrow we will have a lot to say. But today we drove there to check on things, empty the refrigerator, and run the gas logs for a while to add warmth to the house for a cold night ahead.

We were shocked to see that the power had literally been cut off – the lines were sliced in two.


But we were blessed as well. Everything was in good shape. The water from the bagged ice that had melted had collected in a bin at the bottom of the freezer (rather than running out on the floor). Nothing else seemed to be a concern. It was a beautiful day to travel, and the house was warmed by the sun.

Still, this is no way to do business. Right now there are so many questions.We will definitely be seeking answers.

One thought on “report from the lake

  1. Oh my! This post took a turn for the worse. Despite the ugly business with the power company, the pictures were beautiful. I hope things get sorted out quickly.

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