Yesterday I wore my new tennis shoes.

All. Day. Long.   The longer I wore them the better my feet felt.

I still can’t believe it. And of course I am wearing them again today!

This is remarkable for me because I have feet that often hurt. I can’t wear most shoes. They hurt the ball of my foot, or they rub my heel, or they pinch my toes. Or they don’t give support to my very high arch.

These new shoes are amazing!

I bought them back in the late fall when I also purchased some tan walking shoes. I got those because I was tired of wearing white tennis shoes in the winter. (Even though I don’t often wear stylish shoes, I do not like wearing white shoes in the fall and winter.)

Those tan walking shoes (yes, they are really tennis shoes in disguise) were very comfortable and I wore them more than I probably should have.  But I can get so much more done at school when my feet don’t hurt.

Like yesterday. Those new tennis shoes helped me be much more productive around the house!

So I have adjusted to life with frumpy shoes, trading cute feet for comfort and joy. I have short term wear shoes for dressier occasions, and I have found a few pairs that have some bit of style for all day school wear.  But there’s a part of me that cringes when I think about what my shoes look like.

Then I saw this ad in the paper:


That’s the name of their store. I wonder what is really inside? Could I dare to believe that there is truth in advertising these days? Should I even halfway think that it is possible to have cute AND comfy shoes?

There’s nothing left to do but go there and find out. I have a feeling these shoes could be pricey. But that’s OK. If the store name is true (if the shoe fits…) it will be SO worth it!

10 thoughts on “shoes

  1. Adrienne says:

    I wear hiking shoes to school with pants and skirts for the same reason. I had some trouble with plantar fascia tis a few years ago and good walking/hiking shoes are all I dare wear at school.

  2. Julie Crain says:

    Loved your slice today. As a fellow frumpy shoe wearer, I have some doubts about the Cute and Comfy store. Hope you find a pair that’s both!

  3. Leigh Anne says:

    I have feet problems too, so I can so relate with your post today. I may have to check out that store. Thanks for the tip.

  4. newtreemom says:

    Oh, I hear your pain! Finding shoes is such a problem!

  5. I hope your new tennis shoes are helping you to walk into better days. 🙂 As for advertising SOMETIMES it does tell the truth. If you find some cute AND comfy shoes be sure to post a picture. Happy shopping!

  6. elsie says:

    I think a lot of teachers have foot issues due to the fact they spend so much time on concrete floors. I hope you will find this store is just what you needed for happy feet.

  7. tsudmeier says:

    Loved this- I have food problems too. It is really hard to find cute and comfy shoes. I hope this new store will be true to its word

  8. Isn’t it a pity that something so essential as comfortable shoes can be so pricey. But I agree, there are two things I never skimp on – shoes and blue jeans that fit.

  9. anita says:

    NOW THIS IS A POST I need to follow up. My feet have BIG issues too – flat, hurting, hammer toes…I buy sneakers that cost more than my first car and school shoes from Clarks that cost more than my other clothing by far. If you find sandals that are comfy – share the news – please! We might have to get together and rob a bank or two…but at least our feet will be happy!

  10. I discovered these shoes last year. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but they are worth every penny. Good luck!!

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