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Recently I’ve had cataract surgery. I was awake for both procedures and home in two hours. Still, that first afternoon is a time of waiting. With blurry vision there is little to do but wait – and trust. Trust that your sight comes back. Thankfully mine did, clearer than ever. I’m grateful it is over and encouraged by good follow-up reports.

Recently our daughter’s family moved. They left their home of nine years, the only home their children have ever known. It’s exciting to think about making memories there in the years ahead, but for now it is a matter of trust. Trust that this new house will soon become a home, with a place as firmly planted in their hearts as the one they left. Honestly, it is already becoming just that.

Recently, and actually for a long, long time, the world is just a mess. We inhabitants are taking it farther and farther from the garden paradise that God prepared for us. We do have hope for better days ahead, but for right now it is a matter of trust. Trust that God will deliver us, just as He has promised. Thankfully, His promises have always held true.

5 thoughts on “trust SOLC

  1. Trish says:

    You use the “magic three” to make your case for trust. I love the three anecdotes that reveal much about you as well as about trust. Lovely!

  2. rdicarne says:

    Trust, some days it is difficult to trust, but it is what gets me through the difficult times. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    I like how trust is woven through these three different life scenes. Each one unique, but each one built on trust.

  4. Glad your eye surgery had good results. Thanks for your examples and reminders of trust.

  5. Fran Haley says:

    So glad to hear your eyes are doing well! Your thoughts on trust resonate deeply with me – I know them to be true. Faith itself is about believing without seeing…I have learned that if I just trust and be patient the Lord will always work things out. I celebrate that this is already transpiring for your daughter and her family in their new home. Love these ending lines – they are an invitation to prayer:
    “Trust that God will deliver us, just as He has promised. Thankfully, His promises have always held true.” -They have. Thank you for this lovely post!

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