back again SOLC

So much rain last week. Gloomy, cool days. Had to be Dogwood Winter, as those sweet trees were showing off their beautiful white blossoms and offering some of the few bright spots in the dismal days.

But the forlorn days have purpose, too. They give a foundation of moisture and nourishment to things that grow.

Now this week the sun is in full force, shining brightly and quickly warming the cool nights into comfortable warm days. And the trees are leafing out quickly. You can almost see the difference from day to day, or even morning to afternoon.

Today as I drove from a meeting in town I chose the “country road” path home. The late afternoon sun spotlighted the greening fields and shade-giving trees. SO beautiful.

Encouraging almost beyond words. Life – in its varied array and countless forms – is back again.

All in the week after Easter.

He is risen indeed!

3 thoughts on “back again SOLC

  1. arjeha says:

    With the warmer temperatures you really can see a difference in plants and trees overnight. As I was walking around our yard today I noticed that it is time to get the lawn mower out and ready got its season.

  2. Beautiful, leading up to the greatest Truth of all.

  3. Your descriptions are so beautiful! Spring hasn’t quite hit my area of the country yet, so it was a treat to read your words and picture spring vicariously through your post.

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