hope SOLC20 #27

All is definitely NOT right with the world these days.

But the (natural) world doesn’t seem to be aware of this. It just keeps on as normal, ushering in spring and all the delights that the season brings.

The lower level of green is rich and full these days. We hardly notice it when summer is in full leaf, but it is so encouraging now.


Buttercups are starting to fade – but they have been bringing us sunshine even on cloudy days.


Redbud winter was short – but as sweet and lovely as always.


Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.” Theodore Roethke


New life shows itself in all kinds of ways.


Wishing you hope and peace in these unsettling, yet glorious, days.

2 thoughts on “hope SOLC20 #27

  1. I love those opening lines. Nature definitely isn’t reflecting that all is not right with the world. The photos that accompanied your words are beautiful, too.

  2. Rebecca Atwood says:

    This is the second post that I’ve read today about how nature does not reflect the current chaos. I am so thankful that nature continues to thrive. I have found so much solace in Spring! Thank you for sharing!

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