it must be time – solc 2019 #30

a whisper of sound, a passing whoosh – and nothing more

a soft touch, a tiny dimple – then gone

a scent, powdery smooth – only air

a fresh taste, springlike flavor – nothing there

a bulge, with swollen tip – just empty space


it must be time, I thought, but I was wrong

only my hopeful imagination


but no…

the next morning there they were

awakening the senses

so alive and ready, wiggling in the wind

just like that, growing before my eyes

sparse at first,

each day swelling, accumulating

and now a cloud, an inflated flurry

expanding in the space, completely full

exactly right

filling my heart,

welcoming spring,

the season arrives at last

2 thoughts on “it must be time – solc 2019 #30

  1. Christine says:

    Such beautiful words capturing that anticipation of spring! Still waiting here in the Northeast, but I see the signs!

  2. lisajsc says:

    What a beautiful poem. And a perfect way to celebrate the near end of Slice of Life and the earth’s rebirth.

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