younger than springtime – solc 2019 #31

Yesterday I had the occasion to visit briefly with an important person in my life. As always, time spent with him is uplifting and encouraging.

Brother Mike Dawson came to be the minister at our church when I was a teenager. He was 36 years old at the time – I remember that because, for all the years he was there, my mother continued to say that he was 36 years old. It’s no wonder – he never ages. His vim, vigor, and vitality are endless.

He went to pastor another church when I was in college, but returned to perform the ceremony when my husband and I married. We had the required counseling sessions prior to the wedding, too, all filled with wise Godly counsel, helping us start off our marriage on the right foot. Still so vibrant and supportive.

Years passed. We would see Brother Mike and his precious wife Mrs. Jolene from time to time, usually at weddings or funerals. The churches he pastored along the way were large and growing. His family grew into Christian servants just like their parents. Yet Brother Mike never aged.

Meanwhile, at the church where my husband and I were members, things weren’t going so well. As I prayed about this troublesome situation, I felt the urging to pray for our current conflicted minister AND to pray for the next minister that, someday, God would direct to our church. Can you believe that it turned out to be… the STILL youthful Brother Mike Dawson!

We moved to a nearby town shorty afterwards, but as before, we still saw him from time to time. Two years ago he led the service when we had a “youth group” reunion at my childhood church. That congregation is now a bit stagnant, and he brought life back to it not only at the reunion Sunday but also afterwards, by meeting with the pastor there and offering encouragement to him. At the reunion, everyone had aged – but not Brother Mike.

He’s always been there for important moments in our family – weddings and funerals and other occasions. Yesterday we saw him at a prayer service for a friend who is ill. Retired now, but still available for people in need. People he loves. People who dearly love him.

Brother Mike may have gray hair now, but he is still younger than springtime. When he talks with you it is as if there’s no one else on earth. He remembers everything about you and your family. He offers encouragement and he radiates the love of God.

I have been blessed beyond measure to have this man of God as such an ongoing influence in my life. May we all be more like him – and like Him, the God that Brother Mike so faithfully serves.

4 thoughts on “younger than springtime – solc 2019 #31

  1. marcelalwy says:

    Sweet, very lovely tribute. I’m glad that you have someone like him in your life. We all need someone like him. God Bless!

  2. A great tribute for such an important person in your life. A true servant-leader.

  3. Fran Haley says:

    Amazing how Brother Mike was sent to you, again! We do need more people who radiate such love, who encourage us to grow spiritually, and who are also balms to our spirits. They often make such sacrifices to do so – and are mirrors for us to do so as well. Thank you for sharing him here. 🙂

  4. […] few papers with important information and special memories.  One such keeper is an email I sent to Brother Mike, the pastor who preached Daddy’s graveside service. Brother Mike knew my father, and he was […]

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