blinded by details – solc2018#11

Lots of changes are (hopefully) coming to our house. We are re-doing and expanding the kitchen, and working on a bathroom and laundry space as well.

In addition to or along with that, our tired old colors need refreshing throughout the house, so it is time to purchase some paint.

The range of beautiful tints and shades that are offered is overwhelming these days.  How in the world can you pick just one? Luckily our daughter, a talented interior design specialist, has agreed to help.  She picked out the perfect color for our great room, and I went to get a sample.

I knew the name and number of the color – but were the sample cards arranged in order in the store? No, they were not. I couldn’t make heads or tails of things until an employee (bless him!) came to help.

He explained that recently the display had been changed, when 200+ colors were added. (Just what I need – MORE colors!)  The employee found the color card for me – only after he Googled it and found the location through the Internet. (I am not kidding!)

As he was mixing the sample, I decided to look at the color display. This time I was farther away, not squinting up close looking for color names and numbers.

Incredible! It was all clear! The colors were arranged in base tones, with similar hues together, and separated into color groupings. Now I could see that it all made sense. And it was lovely.

This made me wonder…. How many times do I get lost in the delicate details of something and forget (or choose not) to see the whole, colorful, meaningful picture, arranged just as it needs to be?

I pray to have open eyes that see the whole, the big picture from now on – and then, as needed, to focus on the parts and details, when that is helpful.

Meanwhile I want to enjoy the view!


One thought on “blinded by details – solc2018#11

  1. Alice Nine says:

    A great metaphor. Yes, we need eyes that are open to see the whole and the details.

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