perchance to thrive – solc2018#12

Recently I have begun tending to my hanging plant on the back porch. I had thought it was a “goner.” But it is surprising me with signs of determination and new life.

Look closely and you can see:

It has been a hard winter. We have had several really cold days and even some snow (including TODAY!). These roots are not buried in the protective ground, but surrounded by cold air. The warm sun doesn’t fall on this pot for much of the day (which is great in the sweltering summer, but not so much this frigid time of year.)

Also, the squirrels have been fascinated with the straw pot liner. As they have made their new homes, they have somehow jumped onto this pot (??), trampled all over the plant growth on top, and pulled out some straw for their nests. (I finally removed all the straw and put it out in the yard. It has disappeared, now high in the trees.)

Usually those conditions make it hard to stay alive, much less grow.

Last March I wrote about this same plant. It looked much better back then.

But I have faith that with the proper care and the coming warm days, this plant can come back strong.

Just like us, when the “storms of life” beat us down, with proper care and the warmth of attention, we too can thrive again.


3 thoughts on “perchance to thrive – solc2018#12

  1. I like how you mix text and pictures in this post. I had not thought of doing that. May try it tomorrow!

  2. This slice is a nice close look at the complexities of nature, really enjoyable to read. I hope you can bring the plant back

  3. Donna Smith says:

    Encouraging to think about the fact that just a bit of warm attention can help someone – including ourselves – blossom. Great post. Hope the plant feels that warmth soon!

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