on writing – SOLC 2017 #24

My ideas are a little scarce today and I am short on time (leaving for a day-long visit with my precious aunt) so I am going to share someone else’s words that have been speaking to me.

Each month in the Nashville Arts magazine, Marshall Chapman, a local singer/songwriter, has a column called “Beyond Words.”

This month she begins by asking, Where does that first heartbeat come from? From there she shares how she felt when she first learned about infinity. Then at the end she wrote these inspiring thoughts, about songwriting – and writing for all of us:

It’s hard to explain where songs come from. I often say, “My songs are smarter than I am.” And that’s true, in a way. Because the really good ones don’t come from us. They come through us. I’ve also said, “The hardest part about writing is creating the space so it can happen.”

And every now and then, if you’re open to it and the stars and planets are lined up just so, something great will present itself. And whenever that happens, it’s like seeing infinity. Or hearing that first heartbeat.

I encourage you to read the entire column here. Meanwhile, I am going to keep trying to get out of the way, so that, perhaps, something can present itself, and come through me.

2 thoughts on “on writing – SOLC 2017 #24

  1. MNabors says:

    Oh I love this slice so much! Thank you for sharing Marshall’s words! I adore the thought that the words come through you!

  2. jet197 says:

    The creative process! I totally understand this! Thanks for sharing.

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