are we still welcome?

My current pet peeve is having someone answer my “Thank you” with “No problem.”

Should whatever they have done that I am thanking them for be a problem in the first place?

If I am at a restaurant, isn’t the waiter being paid (and tipped) for his/her work? If so, bringing my food to the table or refilling my drink is an expected task, not a problem.

If someone holds the door for me, could that be a problem for them? If so, I would rather them not do it than to tell me it is “No problem.”

If I check out at a store or order something over the phone, and I thank the person who helped me, is the work they have done a problem for them? Again, I thought it was their job, something that they were paid to do. So when I thank them, I shouldn’t have to be assured that their doing their job isn’t a problem – for them or for me.

I know most of the time these workers are mimicking what they hear in today’s culture, but really, can’t we stop and think about what we say and not just be parrots or echoes?

I like being told, “You’re welcome” when I thank someone. It is much better to me to be told that my thanks are welcomed and appreciated, rather than to be told I am not a problem.

Or maybe we are not welcome anymore….

One thought on “are we still welcome?

  1. Raivenne says:

    Hmm, never thought of it that way. Then again. I only tend to reply such at work, where people mostly come to me with a problem to be solved. I never thought of it as being a problem for me, but as I’m alleviating a problem for them. I do agree it is a parroting of our culture.

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