eyes to see

Long ago my students read a story each year called “The Day Nothing Happened.” It was a tale of two children in the Arctic, walking across the frozen tundra, bemoaning the fact that they lived in such a ho-hum place where nothing ever happened. The subplot, however, was  a recounting of several animals and their adventures that the children passed on their walk, some in struggles for survival. Yet the boy and girl saw none of that. It was a good lesson for us to keep our eyes open for things around us that could be easily overlooked.

arctic tracks

Our son and daughter-in-law  lived with us for several months while their house was being built. She liked watching for the albino squirrels that live in our neighborhood (we have two). Last Sunday on our way home from church she asked about them and I told her I hadn’t seen them in quite some time. I had heard that people had seen some in the park down the street and I told her they might have taken up residence there. Just as we were about to pull in our driveway, she said, “There is one of them!” Sure enough it was in the yard across the street. They have probably been present often, but like the Arctic children in the story, I have failed to notice them.


The best thing about the March writing challenge is that it causes me to keep my eyes open and my mind aware of things in my life worth noting. This year I have written 31 entries, but didn’t get them all  posted on time each day. Still I feel like I have succeeded because once again this month of writing has opened my mind to possibilities. Many thanks to Two(+)Writing Teachers for sponsoring the March Writing Challenge again this year.

orange-SOL Challenge

May we all continue to have eyes to see…


7 thoughts on “eyes to see

  1. Joanne Toft says:

    So glad you were writing all month it is the writing that counts. The posting is a frosting. Keep writing it does help you stay alert to the world around you!

  2. janefhelms says:

    What a funny squirrel! He seems to be frozen, as if left in the Arctic while his tribe kept going. Well, he’s part of ‘our’ tribe now!
    Let’s keep slicing. I agree, it keeps us sharp. Even if we don’t share – we SEE.

  3. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski says:

    I would love to check out that book! I love the connection to those squirrels and how these 31 days does make us more aware and awake in our lives!

  4. Linda Baie says:

    I love that you have written 31 posts, no matter the time. What an accomplishment. And you just wrote the perfect lesson for us all as we continue on, noticing. I love seeing the picture, have never seen an albino squirrel! See you on Tuesdays!

  5. Beth Cook says:

    The fact that you wrote and your eyes are open is key! Take enjoyment in that and continue your journey!!

  6. Thank you for this reminder to keep eyes open, and to write, who cares what time it is!

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