a mixture – solsc#30

Life is a mixture.

↑  This weekend we celebrated the upcoming wedding of our son and his sweet fiancé with a group of special and dear friends. We had time with our future daughter-in-law’s family. We were thankful to see our son so very happy and content.

↓  One of the hostess couples could not be at the party because he had an arteriogram Friday and is having triple bypass surgery today. Although we know he has a strong heart (other than the blockages) and is healthy, we know he will have a tough recovery after this invasive surgery.

↑  On Sunday our granddaughter was baptized in a sweet service of commitment. We got to stand with our daughter and son-in-law as she was dedicated to God. Such an abundance of love all around.

↓  Today little Madison had her six month checkup. She is healthy, but those painful shots made her sad and sore. So heartbreaking to see her in pain.

↑  My aunt has come through knee replacement surgery extremely well  (at age 91!), but recently has lost all energy. A trip to the doctor today uncovered some confusion about the heart medications she was taking, and so now we are counting on her feeling much better soon!

I am thankful, during this Holy Week and always, to know that the God I love and serve is holding my hand – and those of my loved ones – along every path this life leads us through. He is there through the highs and lows, and is able to lead us through the valleys and into the Light.

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2 thoughts on “a mixture – solsc#30

  1. I like this up and down structure – sounds like you had a very big and busy weekend, and this is a great way to capture it!

  2. gill94 says:

    Wonderful thoughts, and powerful reminders of God’s grace and unfailing love. Thank you!

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