counting the days – solsc#23

I awoke this morning realizing that all my “teacher friends” are headed back to school today after a week of spring break. I know that if that were me, I would be counting the days until testing, and then to the end of the year.

But I don’t have to count those days anymore.

Since retirement I have counted the days for different reasons. First I was watching the calendar until our first grandchild was born. I used to wonder what she would look like and what she would feel like in my arms. She actually came a little early, last September, so healthy and precious.

So I don’t have to count those days anymore.

In November my routine mammogram showed a small spot of cancer. I had surgery – with such encouraging results, no lymph node involvement. Recently I finished the routine follow-up radiation treatments for 30 days.

And I don’t have to count those days anymore.

Our son is getting married on May 2, and we are so looking forward to the wedding and even more so to having Landon as a part of our family. She is a perfect match for him – such a fine young lady, and we are so thankful.

I am enjoying counting the days to their big event (41, counting today).

The days go by faster for me than they used to. And I don’t intend in any way to “wish my life away.” Rather than just marking time, I am enjoying the ride.

4 thoughts on “counting the days – solsc#23

  1. blkdrama says:

    Sorry to hear about the cancer scare but iit does push you to enjoy life Now!
    since Tuvias had some health issues we have been traveling even more and I’m not one to say no.
    enjoy life 😎

  2. macrush53 says:

    I am looking forward (albeit 3 years from now) to count days other than school days. Enjoy your son’s wedding.

  3. elsie says:

    I like that you are marking the days rather than counting days. What joy you have with the grandchild and a wedding to enjoy. Life is good!

  4. mvervinck says:

    I think we all need to stop counting the days and enjoy the ride more. We are all in a rush to reach the end, but it might be better to enjoy the ride along the way, too!

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