spelunking – solsc#22

baby’s cries abound

missing time once spent with them –

undercover sleep

inside dog bed

Belle, our daughter’s dog,

memories of former beds

noticing things change


once she ruled this house

now adjusting quietly

not their baby now


yet, she has it good

many hands still pet and love

resting can be fun

Belle resting 2

“once I picked my beds

snuggled wherever I chose –

still, I love that girl!”


10 thoughts on “spelunking – solsc#22

  1. Great post. Love the pictures. Change it is never easy.

  2. freegriffa says:

    SO sweet to honor your first baby with this poem and pictures.

  3. franmcveigh says:

    Love this, as I’m thinking about the changes in store for the two grand dogs when the grandson arrives in approx. 36 days!

  4. Lori says:

    Our dog is also called Belle. Named by a 3 year old granddaughter, in love with all things Disney. Our Belle sleeps on my foot, no getting up quickly for me.

  5. Sonja Schulz says:

    a new baby means everyone’s world changes, doesn’t it! we all find our new places with each life change. loved the photos, too!

  6. rosecappelli says:

    So sweet! Both of those girls are special and you have honored them in a special way.

  7. Belle doesn’t seem too displaced as she lounges on what looks like a sofa. LOL:)

  8. mvervinck says:

    I love the last picture where both are sleeping. How sweet! There are so many adjustments for all, not only the dog, but for parents, too. I can tell that both have a very special place in your heart.

  9. Lisa says:

    Dogs are great. I like how you’ve given yours a voice. Our cat has had her nose out of joint for the last 4 years (ever since our daughter was born). Now she just emerges occasionally for food, preferably after the kids are asleep. She’s getting more social as they get older though. I think she was scared of their unpredictability for a while.

  10. margaretsmn says:

    Sweet how the dog is becoming the baby’s protector.

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