a different perspective – solsc#11

It was time to unload the dishwasher this morning. Fun! I always stand at the sink, to the left of the dishwasher, and load and unload from there.

But our dog Maggie was outside and I was standing in front of the door to the porch which is to the right of the dishwasher. Determined to multi-task, I opened the dishwasher and looked down and the sparkling dishes, glasses, and silverware. From the other side.

It all looked so different! It was amazing to me how a different point of view changed everything. I was seeing the back of the dishes. I would have to grab the flatware with my left hand. The cup handles were on the wrong side.

I couldn’t do it. I waited for Maggie to return, went back to my usual spot, and unloaded (easily!) from there.

Yikes! Now I am wondering what this says about me…

2 thoughts on “a different perspective – solsc#11

  1. jehansen13 says:

    Isn’t it crazy how we’re such creatures of habit? I was sitting on the carpet with my learners the other day when we had a guest speaker, and it felt so strange! A new perspective can be powerful, but it can also be a bit daunting.

  2. Love this – not just the content but your voice
    Yikes what does this say about me?! That I probably wouldn’t be able to do it either!

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