the no-post day – solsc#12

Yesterday I was busy writing!

I wrote two drafts, I worked on a third one that just needed pictures inserted, I added to my writing idea list, I copied some quotes for inspiration, and I pondered how I could use these wise words in later pieces. I even felt that I was a bit more observant of things and people around me throughout the day, which always leads to many ideas for future writing.

I was energized by the possibilities and realities of being a writer every day for the month of March!

And then I awoke this morning and realized that yesterday I forgot to post anything to the Two Writing Teachers blog for the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. I hadn’t even added anything to fireflytrails.

Oh, no!

Knowing there was nothing I could do about missing the posting after the day was over, I pouted and sulked for a bit. Phooey! And then I thought about some other things:

  • I did write yesterday. (If writing every day is my goal, I have accomplished that so far.)
  • I am not really doing this to win a prize. (Good thing since I am now out of the running for that.)
  • I commented on several other writers’ posts. (So I did hold true to that piece of the challenge.)
  • I was dreadfully disappointed in myself. (And there have been MANY days in the last year I have gone without writing and didn’t give it a thought.)

So even though I blew it, officially, I did write. And writing is the key. Maybe I am becoming a “real writer” after all.

One thought on “the no-post day – solsc#12

  1. Absolutely writing is the key – and that is the real prize right, knowing you did it!!!

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