breath of life

My heart is heavy today for two dear friends. Both of them have older fathers who have health concerns. I do not know either of these fine men, but my friendship with their daughters lets me know that they are special people.

One friend has been with her father in the hospital for several days. He is only able to breathe with a ventilator, but has previously made it clear that this is not the life he wants. The doctors have tried to wean him away from this support but he has not been able to breathe on his own. Her daily contacts have spoken of her family’s sadness that has come with the devastating realization of his condition. Today is the day they will follow his wishes, and the ventilator will be removed.

Another friend went with her dad to the doctor last week. He had been congested and feeling unusually weak. They were hoping to receive some advice and medicine to get rid of his cold. But they will visit another doctor today for further diagnosis of his lungs, as the news they received on Friday was not good. She is hoping against hope that the doctor and his report last week were wrong.

How often we take our breathing for granted. How little we think of the ease of taking that next breath. What an important, life-giving responsibility our lungs have. How dependable those lungs, when healthy, are.

The breath of life is a gift from God. Peace of heart is as well. I am praying today for my two sweet friends, and their families. May they never feel alone in this journey. May they feel God’s arms of love and care around them each minute of this long day.

Breathe on me, breath of God,
Fill me with life anew,
That I may love the things You love,
And do what You would do.

6 thoughts on “breath of life

  1. onathought says:

    I’m so sorry your friends and their families are going through this. Sending prayers off into the world for them.

  2. newtreemom says:

    Prayers like this, from a friend, mean so much. Your friends will feel the warmth and caring in your support. And strangers, touched by your words, will join in praying and it will multiply…

  3. Tara Smith says:

    You are are comfort to your friends.

  4. b says:

    Yes…my heart is heavy too. Upstairs, tonight, my baby sleeps between breathing treatments…feverish, rattling, and working hard to do the thing I think the least about. He’s the first asthmatic I know; it’s so difficult. I will be thinking of your friends. They’re blessed to have your support.

  5. One of my favorite hymns. My dad was diagnosed with COPD a few years ago – and encouraging him to walk when his breathing was so hard, was difficult. Your friend’s story may become my story someday.

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