treasure hunt – solc #26

Today was another cold and snowy Spring Break day. I woke up to snow on the ground and on the rooftops – it melted as the morning wore on, but the snow kept falling. All. Day. Long.

And yet it was another fantastic day! Today I started the big clean up and clean out. I finished two closets and several pieces of furniture. There’s so much left to do, but getting started feels so empowering. And, as an added bonus, I found several things I had totally forgotten about – or lost, and thought I would never see again:

1 – the mother-of-pearl covered Bible from Jerusalem, given to me by a friend of my mother’s when I was six,

2 – the Bunnykins figurines we collected for our son when he was small,

3 – a brand new Brooks Brothers no-iron shirt for my husband,

4 – the guest book from our wedding almost thirty-five years ago,

5 – pictures of my cross-stitch designs and my husband’s woodworking projects that we gave as presents when we first married,

6 – my dad’s railroad pocket watches,

7 – our daughter’s pearl bracelet she had as a baby,

8 – the full plan (and other paperwork) from the diet we followed to lose weight several years ago,

9 – T-shirts saved to make into a quilt for our son,

10 – coins from Canada and Ireland,

11 – gloves for dressy occasions (that I looked for last month when we attended a “Princess Grace” fashion show), and

12 – the handmade bonnet for the china doll that my aunt made for our daughter when she was in the second grade (everything else was intact except for this missing bonnet).

The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow – but that isn’t as important to me now, because I am planning to stay home again and do more cleaning up and cleaning out.

Wonder what treasures tomorrow will bring?


2 thoughts on “treasure hunt – solc #26

  1. Isn’t it odd how often we box up our treasures and end up hiding them from ourselves? Some we wonder why we boxed them; others why we kept them.

    Enjoy your continuing treasure hunt and thank you for sharing it!

  2. […] a year ago I started going through drawers and closets in our bedroom, and along the way I found treasures I had forgotten about and other things that definitely needed to go. It took the better part of that week, but it left me […]

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