a simple start – solc #25

Today is the first weekday of spring break. It was dreary, cold, and snowy.  Even so, today was a great day!

I got to spend the day with my wonderful daughter. Although we live close to each other, we don’t often spend time together on a weekday because we are both working. But today we were together, all day, and in our conversations we got caught up on lots of stories, ideas, plans, and dreams.

We drove to another town to visit with my aunt and uncle, and that was a joy as well. We had a good visit, a delicious lunch, and some fun laughs together.

What a fabulous way to start Spring Break – even in the cold and snow –  and to catch up on each others’ lives as well.


2 thoughts on “a simple start – solc #25

  1. Beth says:

    I spent my first day of spring break with my daughter and dear friend. Glad that you are spending your spring break well.

  2. Fabulous. Absolutely. My daughter is currently enjoying her spring break from grad school with her dad. I’ll get my turn next week when I’m on break and maybe attend a class with her when she is back at school.

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