Seeing Clearly – Slice of Life Challenge (solc) #1

The water has been shut off and the curtains are all closed. We have been through the checklist twice already – icemaker off, coffee pot unplugged, doors locked, lights off, thermostat set. We have closed up the cabin until our next visit, and all seems safe and secure. Time to go.

Then we see the shaft of sunlight streaming in through the tall uncovered window. The rays of light warm the room and catch the stillness of the air and the almost motionless dust motes suspended in the room. So soothing. Almost dreamlike, definitely filled with calmness and peace.

“Look! Let’s remember this,” I said to my husband. “When we get back to the routine and get knotted up with things to do and missions to accomplish, let’s look at the clock every day at this time and remember what it looks and feels like right here. This spot is here even when the cobwebs fill our minds and we run out of steam to clean them. We can find our way back and find our true selves here again next time.”

2 thoughts on “Seeing Clearly – Slice of Life Challenge (solc) #1

  1. Wanda Brown says:

    Oh yes…hang onto those memories…they save the day often:)

  2. memories of special places are precious – you have described this one well

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