it was You

Was that You who woke me early to let me see the full moon reflected in the still waters of the lake?

So lovely and so peaceful. I’m so thankful I didn’t miss this mesmerizing sight. It remained in my thoughts through the day, and still it does, now.

Was that You, who sent the pleasant breezes?

So cool and refreshing! The wind rippled across the lake, and those wake tips caught Your sun and dappled the surface with magical twinkle lights.

Was that You who caused me to pause and look down at the ground?

Did You help my old eyes see the tiny flowers blooming in the grass, all pink and blue? Did You show me the wild strawberry daisies that are already showing their cheery yellow faces? Did you sprinkle all those sweet violets across our yard?

Was that You who sent the animals my way?

The loon swam and dived near the dock, looking for fish to eat. The turtle surfaced from his mud bed to let me and others know that it’s time to awaken. Did You reroute all the buzzards away from here so that hawk could have the expanse of the sky to soar and swoop on his own?

Was that You who painted the sky such a bright blue and sent the wisps of clouds to twist and turn so gently?

Was that You that gave the shimmer and shine to the new green leaves of the pear trees?

Was that You that formed the slate rocks long ago and helped me find them for the planting bed border?


When I talked TO You (and not just AT You), as always, You listened to my heart. And I felt You near. And I asked You to be present with me and help me see You all around. And You did.

Yes, it was You. It is always You.

Thank You for answering my prayer so beautifully. Always.

One thought on “it was You

  1. Amanda Potts says:

    Your choice to ask questions and then offer answers rich in imagery and wonder really works here. As the piece continues, the “You” becomes more clear, more wonderful, in part because you allow the beauty of the responses to stand on their own. Lovely.

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