solc22 #25 unfinished

I did not finish the book before Book Club met this month to discuss it.

This book was long, and reading at night seems to put me to sleep these days, and there is so much else going on that it isn’t a priority, and I did try, but still had 200 of the 576 pages to go. EXCUSES

(But I did have two months, and I often put it off, and as always I thought I’d have more time, and I really liked what I read, and I regretted not getting to the end.) TRUTH

This book (The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles) is a combination of so many characters and so many side stories that it is both hard to keep up with and easy to pick up and enjoy just the part you are reading that day.

So I told the Book Club members not to worry about revealing something in our discussion because I am still going to finish this book, just for the “joy of the journey.” ( The group kept back a few “secrets” from the end, as I was not the only one who had not completed the book.)

In my mind it is like experiencing a Broadway musical. I have found that it is fine – sometimes best – to know the plot of the story before you go to these plays, so that while there you can enjoy the experience of how the music and story work together to tell the tale.

Amor Towles’s words are musical and because of that, even knowing parts of my destination ahead of time, I will enjoy the rest of the trip on The Lincoln Highway. all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:6

3 thoughts on “solc22 #25 unfinished

  1. JenniferM says:

    I love that you still want to finish the book even though you didn’t meet the deadline, and I especially love that your clubmates saved you from spoilers!

  2. Ramona says:

    This one is on our book club list for next year. And we won’t have two months! I’ll have to be extra diligent. I recently read Gentleman in Moscow (I know everyone else read it long ago.) and loved it.

  3. cleopatti says:

    thank you for your honesty here – It’s hard when you don’t meet a goal, but it’s OKAY!! Also, that you for the verse at the end. A nice push for me

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