awaken SOLC20 #1

The dreary wet winter has lingered on our calendars and in our bones. As we turn the page to March – month of buds, warmer winds, bird calls, and spring! – we feel encouraged.

Yes there will be cold days to come.  And rain – all next week, in fact. But knowing that more warmth will come, next weekend our ways of marking time will change and bring more light at the end of the day, and days themselves will lengthen – this gives us hope.

As we look outside and gather inspiration, we also check within. How can we be more mindful, more aware?  Perhaps being more curious about what moves us forward, taking time to sort the important things, and putting our thoughts into words?

Yes, that should awaken us – again – into a new season of life.

6 thoughts on “awaken SOLC20 #1

  1. I love the line “perhaps be more curious about what moves us forward….” The change of season certainly brings reflection about how often do you we notice what moves us forward? Thanks for the inspiration today!

  2. honderick says:

    The rain will bring freshness to these posts, to the earth and like you said, rejuvenation as the spring starts. We are still knee deep in summer in Argentina and are aching for some rain.

  3. mrsday75 says:

    Thanks for checking in on my blog. Always nice to have old slicing friends come by.

    I love that first paragraph of yours. You could have been looking out my window and into my soul. Here’s to a month of great slicing!

  4. Tracey says:

    Yours is a wonderful lens through which to consider our daily writing this month. Thanks!

  5. And our month of writing together moves us forward…

  6. Ameliasb says:

    i’m glad to see your writing again too – been a long year!

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