ghost trees – SOLC 2017 #27

On a cloudy, showery day

with overcast and gloomy skies,

the wooded spaces have a certain gleam –

an otherworldly brightness

in contrast to the dark.


As spring returns,

the ghost trees linger:

holding tight to leaves from yesteryear –

no sign of green among them,

only sun-bleached transparency remains.


Are they reluctant to let go

of memories of warmer times

and sunnier, carefree days –

or are they protecting the tiny buds

that soon will come, again?


Either way, they know and value

the reason for their existence –

providing a sheltered place in the forest

filled with life and growth –

for that which was, and also is to come.


American beech trees hold tightly to their dead fall leaves until the new spring buds are ready to open and start anew.


5 thoughts on “ghost trees – SOLC 2017 #27

  1. jarhartz says:

    “the ghost trees linger”
    I did not know about the ways of American beech trees. What a beautiful way to learn about them. Thank you.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I’ve seen that sort of tree here in the last few years and wondered about them. Thanks for enlightening me.

  3. elsie says:

    I loved your third stanza, you’ve brought the trees to life with those words. We have pin oaks that do the same thing.

  4. Alice Nine says:

    I’m so glad those “ghost trees” are about to come back to life! Love your poem and its reach into life… not just the trees in the woods. Profound.

  5. Fran Haley says:

    Absolutely lovely. Nature is endlessly fascinating – I so enjoyed the mystical feel of your poem.

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