pure delight – SOLC 2017 #9

Deep in her belly

Eyes sparkling

Little nose all scrunched up

Invigorating and so alive

Going on and on

Happy just to be happy

Tickling other hearts

My granddaughter’s giggles.

A true gift from God.

5 thoughts on “pure delight – SOLC 2017 #9

  1. peteacher1 says:

    Super sweet post! I like your structure and your words (deep, invigorating, tickling …) really made it come alive for me. She’s adorable!

  2. arjeha says:

    Your words paint a vivid picture of an adorable little girl.

  3. Donna Smith says:

    So delightful! Love “happy to be happy”! Shouldn’t we all?

  4. You are fortunate to have this adorable little girl in your life. What a shining light!

  5. jet197 says:

    She is precious! I can hear her giggling now…

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