spring perspective

Several weeks ago I took this picture. It was a cold day.

(I was looking down into the water at the edge of the lake – the photo shows a bit of the shore but mostly a reflection in the water of what is above.)

The clouds were thin enough to let a little sunshine through. There was a bit of birdsong in the air.

This picture filled my heart with hope. Spring was on the way.

spring reflection


Now when I view it, the photo seems cold and lonely. There is a feeling of emptiness and finality. Bare branches, fallen leaves, filtered sun. Even the criss-crossed twigs act as a barrier, pushing away warmth.

Interesting how our perspectives color our thinking.

When I was longing for warmer days, the bit of green I spied encouraged and enticed my thinking. Now that we are surrounded by thousands of verdant shades and tints, this pales in comparison.

How often we take for granted the beauty that surrounds us, whatever the season in our lives.


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